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Golden Scoopers Pooper Scoopers is dedicated to providing Louisville, CO residents with fast, efficient, and eco-conscious dog waste removal services. Discover the convenience of our hassle-free scooping solutions today.

Golden Scoopers takes pride in our meticulous and comprehensive cleanup process, leaving no spot unchecked. Our goal goes beyond mere waste removal; we strive to improve the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces, creating a welcoming environment for both family and pets.

Regardless of the season, Golden Scoopers is here to ensure your lawn remains a beautiful and functional space all year long. Let go of the hassle of yard maintenance and embrace the pleasure of more quality outdoor time.

We are thrilled to announce our service expansion to cover the entire Louisville area, meeting the community’s need for reliable and effective pooper scooper services. Get ready, Louisville, for an enhanced outdoor living experience with the thorough and dependable services from Golden Scoopers. Together, let’s keep Louisville clean and enjoyable for everyone.

We Scoop Poop!

Louisville, CO Pooper Scooper Service

Hello, Louisville community! Welcome to a cleaner, greener yard with Louisville’s dedicated Pooper Scooper Service, Golden Scoopers. Envision your weekends filled with relaxation and enjoyment, not preoccupied with cleaning up after your pets. Our professional team is committed to keeping your outdoor areas pristine, ensuring thorough cleanup of any pet waste on your property.

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Weekly Pooper Scooper Plans

Our poop scooping services are designed to fit your schedule and needs, chose from once per week, twice per week, or every other week cleanings.

Once Per Week

Best for one dog
$ 16
Per Visit Starting
  • Service 1x per week
  • Welcome package
  • Text message before and after service

Twice Per Week

Best for multiple dogs
$ 13
Per Visit Starting
  • Service 2x per week
  • Welcome package
  • Text message before and after service

Every Other Week

Best for small dogs
$ 21
Per Visit Starting
  • Service 2x per month
  • Welcome package
  • Text message before and after service

+$3.00/Month Each Additional Dog

For one time cleaning please see service details

*We scoop what we can see; lawns need to be mowed for guaranteed results

*Challenging lawns may require additional charge, determined prior to payment

*All quotes are estimates and are subject to change until confirmed in person

Service Areas

We’re happy to scoop your dog’s poops from our specially designated locations!

About Us

I’m Billy Dunn, and with the support of my wife and two golden retrievers, JoJo and Winnie, We’ve launched Golden Scoopers, aiming to keep Boulder County clean, and eliminate one of the worst chores there is… scooping poop.  Living with dogs our whole lives, we know how important they are to our families. We also value spending time with our loved ones in the places we call home, just without the worry of smelling or stepping in poop… As a family-owned business, we work hard to provide professional quality service our customers. Our weekly service is our solution to eliminating some dirty work from your to-do list and adding more time in your day.

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Still Have Questions?

We provide customers with one time or regular poop pickups on a monthly subscription basis. We’re happy to clean your lawn one per week, twice per week, or every other week.

It’s easy! The first scoop we do will typically be when you’re home so we can verify quotes, run through the process, and make sure you’re satisfied with the service. After that just leave it to us! As long as we have reliable access through your gate, we will come on your regular scheduled day and do our work. There is no need for anyone to be home, oftentimes this is the case for our mid week scoops.

Both! We are happy to clean residential lawns and any commercial property.

For recurring visits we are happy to clean your yard while you’re away. We just ask that we have access to your yard. If it’s your very first service or a one time cleanup we ask that you be present so we can confirm the quote.

It depends. While we love dogs, not all dogs love new people! If your dog is good with new people on your property, we would love their company. However, if your dog is a big fan of others, or if they are an escape artist, we prefer they stay inside during our visit.

YES! Safety and cleanliness of our tools and your home is our top priority. We clean and sanitize our equipment after each service.

Yes, our team will always wear identifying clothing so you know it’s us on your property. The uniform will vary with the season.

We triple bag and discard the poop in your garbage bin before we leave. We can take the poop with us for an additional $5.99

We’ll still come out as long as it’s safe to drive and it’s not severe enough to affect how well we can gather the poop. Severe rain also leads to muddy conditions and we do not want to tear up any customer’s lawn.

We’ll still come out in the snow as long as it’s safe to drive and NOT snowing enough to hide the poop. Please note that excessive snow makes it nearly impossible to find all the poop.

Yes! We continue to operate in the winter

Yes, we do not operate on Memorial Day, 4th of July and the day after, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas week, and New Year’s Day. If your scoop happens to fall on one of these days, we will service your lawn on your next regularly scheduled scoop. We do not offer refunds for missed days since we will still need to do the work to clean all the poop from the previous week.

If we can’t get in your yard we will knock on your door, call you, and text you. If we aren’t able to gain access within 10 minutes, we’ll have to skip your service for the week and follow up on your next regularly scheduled scoop.

Our top rule is to NEVER leave a gate open when we leave. Our technicians are trained to triple check the gate is closed as we leave your property. Your dog’s safety is our top priority.

If your regular scooping day is missed due to weather conditions, we will catch up with your property on the next scheduled service. We do not offer refunds for missed days since the poop will still be there for us to pick up at our next visit. If a scoop is needed sooner, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to fit you in before your next scoop.

Our service is a monthly subscription based service. We will bill you on a recurring schedule at the beginning of each month, before the services are provided. If payment is not received before your first cleanup of the month, you will be removed from the service schedule until the payment is processed. Payments for one time cleanups are due at the completion of the job.

Unfortunately, we do not. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Tips are always appreciated but never expected.

Your first month will be prorated.

Of course! We offer a number of discounts including neighbor discounts, referral discounts, and 6 month pre paid discounts. We also run promotions regularly for new and loyal customers. Give us a call to see what’s available today!

Yes! We also offer yard deodorizing and sanitizing.

Of course. We stand by our service. If you’re unhappy with your service for any reason we will prioritize a rescoop of your yard to make things right.

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